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Installation Process - Stone Paver Patio Surrounding a Pool at Night

Installation Process

Looking to Add a Little Pizzazz to Your Landscaping Project? European Pavers Southwest is the Best Choice for Your Paver Installation Process. Our elite team of installers is second to none. With decades of experience, our professional installation team is quick and efficient.  We provide quality and unparalleled attention to detail that other paver companies lack. We also put you at ease by offering our customers the top in Quality & Warranty. European Pavers Southwest commits to adding beauty and value to your home by transforming your outdoor living space. We try to do it as hassle-free as possible.

Installing pavers for a walkway, patio or even a driveway is easier than you’d think. While the materials can be heavy and sometimes difficult to move into place, but once the paving stone installation is complete, the results are short of amazing! These videos will walk you through the process of laying pavers over concrete.

Looking to give your property a durable driveway, a whimsical walkway, or creating a space for your family? Concrete or brick paving stones can help any yard or storefront look its best. They’re versatile, long-lasting, and you can customize your design to be as dramatic or as low-key as you want. When it comes to installing pavers, every installation process is different, but below are a few of the steps that take place. You can also watch videos provided by our manufacturers to see the process in action.