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The Conlock I® product is a precast positive interlocking articulating concrete block used for erosion control protection in various hydrological applications. The Conlock I® product is available in multiple thicknesses and both open- and closed-cell configurations. The Conlock I® product offers the ultimate hydraulic stability and/or ecological benefit on critical or environmentally sensitive projects. In addition, the small block size provides superior articulation capacity along channel bends, drops and outfall structures.

The Conlock I® system provides an economical and high performance mattress system due to its single cable design. The individual units interlocked within the mattress give unequaled structural integrity. The Conlock I® product is principally a cabled mattress system for submerged water placements and slope applications.

Product number: 1974


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ADA Paver, Crosswalks, Driveways, Medians, Entry Way, Roadways, Sidewalk, Retaining Walls, Erosion Control
    • Conlock 4-Inch Open Cell
    Conlock I 4" Open Cell
    16 x 12 x 4
    4 in
    Stones Per Pallet:
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